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What we do

Our goal is to make people feel good, to work better.

With passion, we design and deliver holistic wellbeing programmes for healthier, happier and more productive teams.


Join us in our mission to transform the workplace and make employee wellbeing a priority in your business.

Our services

The ‘Passion and Seed’

This includes our wellbeing assessment service and the design of a wellbeing programme for you.

At this stage, our team works with you to assess the extent of your current wellbeing offering and apply quantitative and qualitative research to identify where the key opportunities for more ‘passion and fruit’ are.

The goal of the assessment is to get to know the needs of your employees. With the knowledge and insight gained from performing the wellbeing assessment, we design a highly personalised wellbeing programme for your team. At the end of the assessment we present the findings back to you and together we discuss how to bring the seed to fruition.

The ‘Passion and Fruit’

This includes the delivery of the wellbeing programme.

Beyond being highly personalised to your company, our wellbeing programmes are furthermore measurable. We designed a metric through which we can measure the impact of our programmes and therefore continuously iterate and enhance them to drive the highest value for your teams.

Furthermore, we believe it is essential for a wellbeing programme to be holistic in order to generate passion. This is why our programme suggestions consist of a combination of three passion-drivers: body, mind and soul.

  • Body: physical exercise and nutrition

  • Mind: 1-1 coaching, mindfulness and wellbeing workshops

  • Soul: self-discovery through meditation

Our network of qualified Wellbeing Experts is built around these three pillars and we are very proud to have some of the most passionate and skilled professionals on board.



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Yoga classes / Yoga is an ancient form of exercise from India, which combines physical, mental and spiritual practices to enhance the wellbeing of the practitioner. It helps to reduce stress, increase relaxation and lifts happiness.

We send one of our qualified yoga teachers to your office to teach a class for up to 20 people at a time. The only thing your employees need is sportswear and a yoga mat; we take care of the rest. Classes are designed for one hour but can be adjusted to meet your needs.


Nutrition advice / You are what you eat. What we eat plays an important role in our wellbeing, however, in the stress of a busy working environment we often forget to prioritise healthy eating options. This reduces the quality of our wellbeing.

Our qualified nutrition experts are here to inspire your teams to eat a healthy diet. They share tips about how to introduce quick and easy diet changes into your lives to benefit from more energy and overall wellbeing.




1-1 Coaching sessions / Coaching is a process aimed to unlock a person’s maximum potential. A coach helps a person to bridge the gap between the now and where they would like to be in the future through the application of powerful techniques.

We send one of our qualified coaches to your office to facilitate 1-1 coaching sessions with your employees. To really help an individual to make changes in their lives, coaching sessions are recommended to be booked for a minimum of 4 sessions per employee.


Wellbeing workshops / This is an opportunity to bring your teams together over a ‘learning lunch’ or a longer workshop session, in order to be inspired about the things we can control to enhance our wellbeing.

We send one of our qualified workshop facilitators to your office for an engaging session on the topic(s) of your choice. Our workshop topics include resilience, stress reduction, mindfulness and many more.  




Meditation classes / Meditation is a means to control our minds. With the help of specific techniques, meditation helps people to develop clarity, calmness, concentration and positivity.

We send one of our qualified meditation teachers to your office to guide a meditation for up to 20 people. The only thing needed is some space to sit everyone comfortably. Classes are designed for 30 minutes but can but can be adjusted to meet your needs.


Do you already know which wellbeing services your team needs? For example, a weekly yoga class, a workshop for an offsite, or a coaching engagement for some of your employees?

Save time and money by choosing amongst our pool of experts, knowing that we partner only with the best in class to ensure a smooth and enjoyable service delivery. The above list is just an extract of the wellbeing services we offer. Tell us what you have in mind and let us take care of the rest.

Qualified Wellbeing Experts

Our Wellbeing Experts were trained in some of UK’s best schools to ensure your teams only get the finest quality of Wellbeing Services.

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Academy Healing Nutrition

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