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Hello and welcome

Our vision


Our vision is to transform the future of the workplace by catapulting employee wellbeing to the top of the boardroom agenda and therefore increasing employee happiness and company performance.

Our philosophy

We believe that passion bears fruit, in any and every endeavour.

We believe in ‘life-balance’ instead of ‘work-life’ balance.

We believe that a well-balanced employee is the greatest asset a company has.

We believe that a person working with a wellbeing-focused company will thrive.

We believe that magic happens when employees and employers take care of each other.


Our values

These five values are the foundation of every single thing we do:


passion - we are here because we believe in the power of wellbeing

authenticity - we are aligned in what we think, say and do

simplicity - we focus on the essentials and keep things clear

diversity - we create inclusive programmes for everyone

sustainability - we intend to create long-lasting positive impact for our clients

Hello from our founder

Hi! My name is Ellen.

I am passionate about making wellbeing work for everyone, employers and employees alike.

I spent six years working in digital product management and digital projects in London’s corporate world. Through this experience, I came to understand the implications of an out of whack ‘life-balance’ first-hand. Because I was a 500-hr qualified yoga and meditation teacher on the side, I started to get back into a more balanced routine, and began to share that learning with my team through teaching weekly yoga classes. The positive impact on my team eventually led to the creation of Passion and Fruit, through which I can extend the reach of wellbeing programmes beyond my individual team throughout the UK and EU, and beyond.

I am fully in my element when spreading awareness of wellbeing. As a result, I started to connect with like-minded people and build a network of experts in the many areas of wellbeing. Together, we are on a mission to build a workforce which is healthy, happy, productive and passionate about their life. Join us!


Why choose us

Custom-made / Our wellbeing programmes are highly personalised to cater for the specific needs of your team.

We measure the impact of every wellbeing session and provide you with status updates to ensure your objectives are met. \ Measure what you treasure

Europe-wide / Our network of qualified wellbeing experts spans all across Europe, enabling you to implement the same quality of wellbeing programmes for different office locations and working environments.

We love what we do and are passionate about joining forces with you to make wellbeing a top priority in your business. \ Did somebody say passion?

Let us help you launch a wellbeing programme for your team. Contact us.

We respect your privacy and won’t use your name or email for any other purpose than getting back to you on your enquiry.

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